NW Innovation Resource Center

NW Innovation Resource Center
About the NW Innovation Resource Center
Being an entrepreneur is hard work.
Even the most determined entrepreneurs face obstacles to success by the sheer volume and range of crucial business decisions that need to be made to develop and establish a profitable business. No one can be an expert at everything, so the burden that entrepreneurs carry to seek out quality information to help build and scale their company often slows their rate of growth and provides fertile ground for mistakes.
Based on the shared belief that the community as a whole benefits from the success of innovative local companies, the Northwest Innovation Resource Center (NWIRC) provides access to a stable of like-minded experts with experience and passion for sharing their knowledge. By utilizing high-caliber experts as mentors who are dedicated to understanding the whole business, entrepreneurs can focus on their passion and specialties, while benefiting from the guidance and experience of seasoned business leaders.

The NWIRC Accelerator Program
. Provides industry-specific mentoring for each phase of early-stage startup company development to facilitate solutions to the challenges of starting (and scaling) a business.
. Utilizes appropriate resources from numerous partnering business service organizations to guide early-stage businesses forward including, but not limited to, educational opportunities, government and service organizations.
. Fosters collaborative working relationships with like-minded entrepreneurs, mentors, and businesses.
. Assists in the identification of funding sources and preparation of materials, if required.
The NWIRC Network
. Entrepreneurs with a strong desire to collaborate with experts who have successfully launched and managed businesses to help guide their success.
. Businesspeople willing to share their expertise to anchor new businesses in northwest Washington.
. Local organizations and businesses willing to provide services and support for local startup companies with substantial growth potential.
. Staffs who have been involved with early-stage companies and understand many of the hurdles facing entrepreneurs.
. Board of Directors composed of seasoned business executives who also have personal experience in early stage startup companies and a passion for helping others succeed.