The Whatcom Volunteer Center programs and staff are becoming a department of the Opportunity Council. Randy Carroll, Interim Executive Director of the Volunteer Center, had this to say about the merger: “The Volunteer Center of Whatcom County approached the Opportunity Council a couple months back regarding some organizational challenges we were facing. The challenges were primarily around
not having enough overall revenue to support our administrative function. The ensuing discussions with Opportunity Council leadership focused on ensuring the important programs we deliver are sustained.

What does that mean? Most Volunteer Center of Whatcom County staff now are employees of Opportunity Council. Opportunity Council is acquiring all assets of the Volunteer Center. One exception is the Retired and Senior Volunteer Program of the Volunteer Center will continue to be managed by Mel Monkelis and the Board of the Volunteer Center due to federal restrictions on transferring the program to Opportunity Council. The Opportunity Council will provide Mel and the Volunteer Center fiscal management support until that contract expires in 2017.

Opportunity Council will support and administer the Volunteer Center programs in the same manner they administer the other departments of Opportunity Council. We at the Volunteer Center have learned much more about the Opportunity Council and feel this is best for our programs and services to the community to continue. We are not leaving our current location and nothing is changing in the
delivery of services.

There is one change on our horizon. As interim executive director I will be leaving at the end of December. It has been my privilege getting to know staff and volunteers and it has been an honor to serve as your IED. Please stop by and say hello and register to volunteer.”