Established in 2016, AbiliTrek works to improve accessibility so people can trek without boundaries. Their team has experience in the following areas: website and mobile applications accessibility, physical onsite accessibility, secret shopper campaigns, inclusive marketing consulting, speaking and training workshops. AbiliTrek welcomes the opportunity to assist any businesses in becoming more accessible.


  • IT Accessibility: technical and functional accessibility testing and remediation. Testing includes: switch and on-screen keyboards for limited dexterity; screen readers and screen magnification software for blind/low vision; and closed captioning and equivalent access to audio for deaf/hard of hearing.
  • Speaking and Training: We provide training on disability awareness, etiquette, and inclusive customer service to employees at businesses and universities as well as tailored custom trainings. We offer options from main stage presentations to smaller workshops, and lunch and learn speaking engagements.
  • Physical Onsite Accessibility: We conduct in-person visits and give recommendations on inclusive economical changes that have the greatest impact. AbiliTrek helps businesses and colleges create a more inclusive, welcoming environment through proven elements of Universal Design.
  • Secret Shopper: We visit a business’s location and report our findings/experiences to its management. Our evaluation process consists of evaluating inclusive marketing (signage & written materials), physical location accessibility and includes recommendations for updates and changes.
  • Inclusive Marketing: AbiliTrek assists companies with their marketing strategies in reaching an often-overlooked and growing customer demographic (video content, written materials and signage).


  • Market Growth: By responding to the needs of people with disabilities, all companies can expand their consumer base and potential revenue. 56.7 million people,19 percent of the population, have a disability.
  • Adhere to the Law: There are laws that protect the civil rights of people with disabilities like the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and the Twenty-First Century Communications and Video Accessibility Act (CVAA) which requires two way advanced communication accessibility.
  • Inclusivity Consideration: The potential to be recognized as an inclusive and welcoming business. It’s particularly important and timely for companies to embrace corporate social responsibility around access.


  • Daman Wandke, our CEO, has 9 years of experience in accessibility testing, consulting and leadership in public and private sectors, including multinational corporations and nonprofit Board of Directors.
  • Unique value: Our team’s unique perspective is based on our personal life-long accessibility experiences as customers, speakers and travelers. We are certified as a Disability-Owned Business Enterprise.
  • Embraces that accessibility is not one size fits all : Accessibility needs are vastly diverse and require comprehensive attention to achieve Universal Design.
  • Prioritizes functionality over high costs: AbiliTrek offers advice with a focus on low cost, high impact, optimal accessibility solutions that conform to the ADA’s most current regulations.
  • Detailed performance reports and recommendations to become more accessible are included in these consultations. Work is completed by persons with disabilities versus automated tools that don’t show reality.