WhatCalendar returns!

Whatcalendar.com is back and better than ever. As many of you know (and probably experienced), this online community event calendar operated by the Bellingham Regional Chamber of Commerce had some technical difficulties during the winter. The dual branded online tool serves our community as the largest online calendar dedicated to promoting both community and tourism-related [...]

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Advocacy over coffee

Advocacy over coffee by Guy Occhiogrosso, Bellingham Regional Chamber of Commerce President & CEO As your chamber of commerce, we regularly work for you advocating behind the scenes on community and policy issues. Once every quarter, I sit down with our Mayor of Bellingham. Our conversations are usually robust and lively and I certainly appreciate her [...]

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Short Term Rentals

The acronyms AirBNB and VRBO may not mean anything to you, but it certainly does to our local hoteliers and to some neighbors. With the introduction of so much technology at our finger tips, we now are equipped to take advantage of so many new opportunities. Some home owners are now offering rooms in their [...]

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A Step into the Political Direction

These day I find my time is largely spent attending a council meeting, city forum, or having a discussion with one of you about the political environment and issues facing our community. Right now our political climate is charged and seems to center on topics like the housing crisis, Cherry Point, the Hirst water case, [...]

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The value of the Chamber

One question I hear often is, “Why should I join the Chamber?” You should join, renew and sponsor the activities of your Chamber if you believe in supporting an economic development engine that aids in Bellingham & Whatcom County becoming an even better place to live, work, and play. As a robust business association we [...]

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Chris Roselli joins Board of Directors

The Bellingham/Whatcom Chamber of Commerce & Industry announced that it has added Chris Roselli to its Board of Directors Chris has stepped up to fill an opening on the Chamber’s Board of Directors.  He came to Bellingham in 1995 to study communications at Western Washington University, and has gone on to work at WWU as [...]

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Whatcom Co. Prison Tour

5/4/2017 Today, my staff and I had the opportunity to get a tour of the Whatcom County Prison. It gave us a chance to see first-hand what the conditions are like and why there is such a desperate need for a new prison. I encourage you the public to take the tour and see for [...]

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Port of Bellingham Commission meeting

5/2/17 President/CEO Guy Occhiogrosso at the port of Bellingham Commission meeting today. The big question is...what will happen to the 801/807 Roeder Avenue property?  Will the Port relinquish their right to purchase the property so the City of Bellingham can use that property for a new homeless shelter forcing the existing businesses to move?

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