The Bellingham/Whatcom Chamber of Commerce and Industry announced that they will be changing their name and branding. 

“We noticed that most people who are not from Whatcom County were not aware of the county name and that they referred to the region itself as Bellingham. When I answer the phone “thank you for calling the Bellingham Whatcom Chamber of Commerce, I was often asked “what is Whatcom?” We also noted that visitors think of the entire region as Bellingham,” said Shelli Jones, Marketing Coordinator for the Bellingham Regional Chamber of Commerce.

“Our board of directors raised the question of our name and if the chamber’s name would be better off with something that was easier to remember and easier to say.  The board liked the Bellingham Regional Chamber of Commerce.  Upon further discussion, it was voted on and approved in January 2018,” said Jones.

“It was a logical time to make the change as the chamber was also working on a new logo and branding,” said Jones

Member business, McCoy Creative, created the new brand, logos and brand strategy. The McCoy Creative team was tasked with developing a logo that the chamber could use with all of its programs and events without creating new logos. Jones added, “we had dozens of logos – all with different colors and there was no uniformity and no way to identify each event and program as belonging to the chamber. Now was have that and in time, everyone will recognize the Bellingham Regional Chamber of Commerce brand.”

“We chose to reveal the new name and logo in the April issue of the Bellingham Business Journal (BBJ). The BBJ’s parent company, Sound Publishing, produces the chamber’s annual Community and Business Resource Guide and includes the guide with the April issue,” Jones reported. It seemed like the perfect time to include the announcement.

The chamber will continue to serve its members and the local business community throughout Whatcom County.

The Bellingham Regional Chamber of Commerce is a 501(c)(6) nonprofit that promotes the community; helps to develop a strong, local economy; provides programs and events for its members; facilitates factually based dialog between business, the government and the community; and represent business interests with government and the community.