Haggen 4th of July vendor application

We are no longer accepting vendor applications.  

Please note that your submission does not guarantee vendor status.  All submissions are subject to approval.  If your application is not accepted, your application fee will be refunded. Instructions for vendors are below.

Date:  July 4th

Site Information

Parking lot North of Squalicum Boathouse.  2600 S. Harbor Loop Bellingham, WA 98225

Times: 2:00 p.m. – 10:00 p.m. Vendor Booths

10:30 p.m. (dusk) Fireworks Show

Permits:  It is the responsibility of the VENDOR to obtain health permits if food is involved.

Set-Up: Will begin at 11:00 a.m.  Tear down will begin at 10:00 p.m.  You may not exit until after the fireworks display is over.

Security will NOT be provided overnight on July 3rd or 4th .  All items must be picked up removed from the park on July 4th.  The Bellingham Regional Chamber of Commerce, the Port of Bellingham and any third party agency are not responsible for any loss or damages to items left overnight.

Haggen 4th of July Recycling Notification for Vendors

All food vendors must use compostable items (paper or bio-plastic), and standard glass/cans/plastic bottles & plastic cups that are recyclable. Recycling bins and receptacles will be in place for your use and the use of event patrons during the event. Vendors must also sort such items behind the counter, and use the recycling program provided.

Haggen 4th of July Storm water Catch Basin Notification for Vendors:

Storm water runoff drains are located near the vendor area. Nothing should be placed in, near, on or accidentally dropped in the vicinity of the storm water drains.  In the event of a spill of any kind near the drains, immediately contact Tiffany DeSimone, Port of Bellingham, at (360) 296-8998.

The vendor agrees and covenants to indemnify, defend, save and hold harmless the Bellingham Regional Chamber of Commerceand the Port of Bellingham and those persons who were, now are, or shall be duly elected or appointed officials or members or employees thereof, against and from any loss, damage, costs, charge, expense, liability, claims, demand or judgments, of whatsoever kind or nature whether to persons or property, arising wholly or partially out of any act, action, neglect, omission or default on the part of the vendor, their agents, subcontractors and/or employees except only such injury or damage as shall be brought against the Port of Bellingham, and the Bellingham Regional Chamber of Commerce on account of any act, action, neglect, omission or default on the part of the vendor, their agents, subcontractors, and/or employees/volunteers hereby agrees and covenants to assume the defense thereof and to pay any and all cost, charges, attorneys fees, and other expenses and any and all judgments that may be incurred or obtained against the Bellingham Regional Chamber of Commerce and/or the Port of Bellingham.

Payment in full for the vendor space is due and payable on or before June 22, 2019, and should be made payable to Bellingham Regional Chamber of Commerce (BRCC).

Vendor Refund Policy

Vendor refunds will be permitted up to 14 days prior to the event. Food vendors are encouraged to submit their application to the Health Department early. If your application is rejected by the Health Dept. 14 or fewer days prior to the event, no refund will be given.