Name: Natalie Ransom

Business: Pozie by Natalie

Job Title: Floral Designer

Years in current role/with employer/in industry? 20+ years in the floral industry

How long have you been a Chamber Ambassador and board member? Involved in the Chamber 10+ years, an Ambassador starting in 2009, with a brief hiatus.


Industry questions:

What is the most important change that has occurred in your business or industry in the past year?

My work is a great example of the transition of the floral industry away from traditional conservative design toward more natural, artistic presentation. This recent New York Times article highlights the trend in more detail.

Much of my work is made from locally-foraged product, meaning I have built relationships with flower farmers in Whatcom and Skagit County, many of them young female entrepreneurs. I love that my work directly supports the livelihood of those farmers who have also become my friends.

I also teach others how to make their own arrangements. Many don’t realize that the materials they need to create their own unique floral designs are often in their own back yard. Once you begin to experiment, most realize that it is something they too can accomplish.

What is the best piece of advice you could give someone who is starting out in your industry?

When asked, my advice applies to almost any industry, including floral design. Do things that you are passionate about rather than what other people tell you to do. Follow your heart.

Being a small business owner also means that you will work hard and long hours, but embrace that because it will pay off. Don’t count your hours, just do the work. It’s so fulfilling at the end of the day to know that all your hard work has been poured into your own business and dream, as opposed to someone else’s.

Lastly, be generous in your business relationships. When you give support, encouragement and kindness to your fellow business owners, it will come back to you.


Profession questions:

Who is the person that had the biggest impact on your career and why?

I’ve loved flowers for as long as I can remember. I grew up on a farm in Upper Michigan. There, my father, Chip, taught me how to forage. We used nature’s bounty to create beautiful things for us to enjoy at home, and also sell at farmer’s markets and craft fairs. Flowers have always been a part of me. From him, I learned to love nature and the joy of sharing that beauty with others.


Fun & personal questions

Favorite place to eat lunch?

I have two favorites. Both are on State Street. I lunch at Cosmos and Leaf and Ladle. Both have a variety of options made with fresh, local ingredients, with new specials so I always find something that I love on the menu. I try to support locally-owned businesses whenever I can, and both are owned by hard-working female entrepreneurs. Both are great for business and casual lunches.

What do you do for fun?

I do little things for myself as a reward for the hard work. Sometimes that’s getting a facial with Ashley Lee, lunch out with friends, or shopping at Fringe Boutique. I love when I get a chance to relax and just be. My partner Ryan and I both love to cook and have impromptu kitchen dance parties with our two dogs, Hachi and Griffen. We love “stay-cations” at Semiahmoo and the Chrysalis. A hot stone massage is never a bad idea.

We also enjoy exploring Washington State, I am constantly blown away by the beauty and diversity of this area. Each region has it’s own unique beauty and I find that endlessly inspiring.