Office printing security should not be overlooked

From Becky Raney at Print & Copy Factory

Cyber attacks are dominating the news, and they’re the first thing we think of when HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability ACT) breaches occur. But there’s another area of vulnerability that flies under the radar of many organizations: office printing.

Breaches involving office printers include remote attacks from hackers looking for network access points, as well as privacy and confidentiality violations. For example, an office printer that’s not secured is likely to have uncollected documents in the output tray for anyone to collect, and leaving sensitive information around is a clear violation of HIPAA privacy rules. These same devices may have configuration holes that leave servers and the network vulnerable to attacks.  If you are in the Healthcare industry, you may know what we are talking about

Reported to the Office for Civil Rights (a subagency of the U.S. Department of Education) with internal office printing, 15 percent of the 54 breaches so far this year was due to employees misusing their office printer, creating printing errors as well as when mailing letters to patients. These errors could greatly affect your customers, but the costs to the organization are just as incredible. HIPAA violations can result in fines of up to $1.5 million. On top of this, they leave room for negative publicity, the chance of losing your license, or other sanctions (such as mandatory HIPAA audits). With so much at stake, maybe it is a smart thing to consider Print & Copy Factory to help with these types of projects.

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